I really have a thing for pattern clash English interiors these days, the likes of which you’d find in The World of Interiors or from traditional brands like Colefax Fowler, swoon over in the home of English interior designer Ben Pentreath – or in House and Garden in-fact. Could this be my ‘grown up style’ emerging?

But when it comes to picking a sofa with that eccentric pattern I always play it safe and go for a neutral – if i’m feeling brave maybe a velvet neutral! Luckily interiors bible House and Garden have just announced their first ever design collection to be sold this September in collaboration with lovely sofa brand Arlo and Jacob – it’s got that traditional look teamed with modern silhouettes which makes it easier to incorporate into a contemporary interior. The price points are also a lot more accessible than similar traditional pieces that are on the market.

‘A lot of antique shapes look great but aren’t always as comfortable as we want them to be. I once bought an antique Chesterfield sofa from eBay, and it was like sitting on a gym horse,’ says decoration editor Gabby Deeming. ‘With this in mind, we tweaked the proportions but kept all the attractive detailing. With this collection we are offering something we genuinely love, and that the majority of readers can actually afford. The pieces are designed to be classics for the future.’

Conceived by Gabby herself, who during her thirteen years styling the magazine’s decoration pages, has an encyclopaedic knowledge of furniture and how to use it – the gorgeous sofas are characteristic of the magazine’s pretty and elegant aesthetic.

‘English country house style – and the generosity of spirit, deep comfort and sense of prettiness that goes with this – was our starting point,’ says House & Garden editor Hatta Byng. ‘But change the fabric and each of these designs could make the chicest of statements in a sophisticated town house.’

The black and white gingham sofa and the red stripe armchair are forerunners to be my favourite but I also love the prettiness of the blue and white armchair with a charming trellis print. You can buy them at Arlo and Jacob this September. Which one would you have in your sitting room?

Source: http://thebeatthatmyheartskipped.co.uk/





A renovated blacksmith studio

I have a thing for high ceilings, don’t you?
I also very much love plywood or any architectural buildings and dwellings made out of wood for that matter and if you haven’t seen my recent post, check this beautiful minimalist kitchen.

This gorgeous space above, is an old blacksmith studio built in 1930 renovated by Dorte Mandrup-Poulsen, Louis Becker and Jens Thomas Arnfred, three Danish Architects who happen to be friends too.
Eight years ago, they decided to buy this old blacksmith’s warehouse on the Greek island of Lesbos so they could all go on holidays together with their respective families, isn’t this wonderful!?

The 1930s building had been abandoned for years before they started redesigning the space. Originally made of a single open room, they built a wooden structure in one end to make room for beds, a small kitchen area and a bathroom.  

The thing I love the most, besides their choice of materials: concrete, wood and metal, is that they made a point of preserving the old features that give the space so much character: the traditional iron stove, the original iron windows which are just beautiful and frame the seaside views throughout the home, the old blacksmith equipment, and metal tables as seen below.


Source: http://karinecandicekong.com/